Frequently asked questions

How long will it take for me to recieve my order?

We process the orders as quickly as we can and ship at the appropriate time for optimum planting success.

Do you have a retail location I can shop at?

No, we do not currently have a retail location.

Can I pick up my order?

Not at this time, hopefully we will be able to offer this option in the future.

What is my zone?

You can find your zone at the Canadian Governments Plant Hardiness Zone by Municipality website. Plants with zone numbers equal or lower to the zone number you live in can be expected to behave as perennials. Plants with zone numbers higher than the zone number you live in can be expected to behave as annuals. Tender Perennials (dahlias etc) are plants that are required to be lifted in the fall, properly stored and replanted in the spring in order to come back year after year.

What is the difference between perennials and annuals?

The main difference is that annuals need to be planted every year, while perennials can be expected to go dormant, live through the winter and re-emerge in spring to provide years of garden colour.